Lyn Gabriel-Rooney is "GR8Illustration"


My parents would tell you that it all began on the back of my bedroom door at the age of 5; a crayon drawing of a clown that was "too good" to clean off or bestow any penance on me! The fact is, I've always loved to draw and knew from the age of five that I was going to be an illustrator when I grew up; I just didn't know then what the word "illustrator" meant!

I credit my high school art teacher, Joan "of art" Soderlund, for her inspiration and the mantra, "I art, therefore, I am"!

I went to Mason Gross School of the Arts, and earned a BFA. Having over 20 years of experience as a staff and freelance designer/illustrator, I know what it takes to produce stunning graphics and meet deadlines.

My hobbies include fitness, healthy living and very large dogs!